Sunday, 26 October 2008


My goodness was I fuming yesterday!

Not only did I have to go grocery shopping on a busy and packed Saturday but I also ended up having some car trouble and getting into a situation with the mechanics…

I can’t stand shopping in the market on a Saturday, it’s always packed, even if you go early in the morning or late afternoon it always packed! And with people that can’t walk straight either…but I guess until Tesco’s start selling plantain I still got to pop down to the market once in a while lol.

Then if that wasn’t agro enough for me, the bloody mechanic tried to fob me off, talking rubbish in my ears, had me so vex I almost ran him over when I was leaving the garage…

I'm ok

Friday, 24 October 2008

Stating the obvious...a million p's

I was trawling through the Internet ( as you do) and came across this page ''How to make a million on the Internet'' and of course I stopped to read it. The first paragraph struck a cord me, it said, the first thing is make £1 and repeat that a million times...pretty simple but often over looked...according to them

So now I got a brilliant idea...I got a pound in my pocket now, gonna sell it for £ I'm on my way to to the top!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Day two

Good evening,

Day two on the blogging scene, don't want to over do it but I just might (in the future).

My day was ok, managed to accomplish a few things, which is always a good thing, so can’t complain on that front…

But this time I have a plan, and I this time I WILL and MUST follow it…nothing more dangerous than a girl with a plan...right?

Can someone please tell me why, when you’re on the tube and there are plenty of empty seats in the carriage does someone always come and sit next to you?

Well it happened to me today, only it wasn’t an eye pleasing chocolate hunk, but an old man with a rather unpleasant musty odour…(just my luck)

So there I am sat next to him and he won’t sit still either! The poor thing is rumbling around in his seat and pulls out a newspaper from his bag, then realises he needs his glasses…so he’s fiddling about in his back pocket occasionally nudging me with his elbow, pulls out his spectacles, and starts to clean them. He breathes on his lenses…unaware that his breathing is more like a light spluttering cough, wipes them on his trousers and puts them on, (bless his cotton socks) as soon as he does that he looks up to read the next stop and guess what….that’s his stop!

So off come the glasses, folds the newspaper again and get prepared to get off….as I’m watching him leave I can’t help but wonder who he is going to sit next to on his next train or bus…bless him..

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Part 2

Looks like I'm back again, 2 posts on the first day...I do hope this doesn't become a habit! (yea right)

Well Desperate Housewives was BOOM as usual, no complaints there, just a shame its once a week! lol
Feeling a little lazy now, probably due to the pizza I had while watching my show..I gotta stop those late night eating shifts, that's why I always got a bloody headache in the morning, its either that or the stresses of life lol (says the 22 year old single female). But I swear tomorrow I'm going to an extra sit up or two in the morning....

A New Dawn A New Day -- 22/10/08

Well, where does one start?

I'm a 22 year old female from London, trying to get ahead in the time goes on you will get to know more.

I guess I'm a bit late on the blogging scene...but better late than never!

Well I decided to ''jump on the wagon'' as a vent originally, you know got a lot on my mind so they say its best to write, and thanks to technology I can share that...(not so sure that’s a plus...) Anyway that’s the reason why I started.

So right now I'm sat in my couch, watching Hell Date and catching a little bit of jokes, waiting for the big one to come on!


......Anyway, that’s the story so far..