Friday, 6 March 2009

Happy Independence Day

Today is Ghana's 52nd year of Independence from Britain, I was going to have a simple blog and perhaps a music video clip to keep in line with the celebrations. However this changed when I switched on the TV to see what was happening on our local TV station here in the UK, OBE TV.

As usual OBE was running a series of commercials/ infomercials and what have you. When they did finally go to air all they did show was promotions for the various raves and bashes that will be held in honour of our independence.

Now some may not see this as such an issue but I found it slightly disturbing, as this would have been the perfect opportunity to educate and enlighten those living abroad just what it means to be the first Sub-saharan African country to have gained independence.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be marked or celebrated but I think there needs to be some sort of balance, but since there is not, there are going to be various raves, parties and bashes in-line with our 52nd birthday, so raise a glass and a toast to Ghana, 'Forward ever, backward never'.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

memory lane...

I was flicking around youtube (as you do) and came across a clip of a girl band (3 sisters) that were really popular in the UK around the mid/late 90's

Living TV have this show about old pop stars that they want to bring back so we ( the public) can see what’s up with them. Anyway Cleopatra the girls in question and they were everywhere...Top of the pops, Smash hits, CD:UK etc (all you 90’s kids know what I’m talking about lol)

Here’s a trip down memory lane courtesy of Cleopatra! Enjoy lol

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Whats up with that?

Well we are 16 days into 2009 and already I have been stopped by police twice, and been slapped with 2 tickets....whats up with that?

Ok so one of the tickets was because I was driving with a dodgy brake light...but £40...I still think it's a bit steep, I was going to have it sorted this weekend...
I don't even know why I was stopped the 2nd time...was for nothing because it seemed they just wanted a chat...wasting my time.

I like to think I am a rather up-standing citizen, never been in trouble before, no record nothing, yet in 09 alone I have been stopped twice. Anyway I do get some satisfaction of being in the right when they stop me so I just go ...and it's not even like I'm driving some blacked out vehicle, with lights underneath...its just a humble lil car... anyway what else can I say, maybe I'm more ticked off than I should be...I'll be cool once I've paid the plus it's given me something to share! so can't be all bad huh?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

ROLL ON 2009


Monday, 24 November 2008

Nothing much

Mondays Mondays Mondays, nothing more to say, they drag on and on and everyone seems to get on your nerves.
I had a good weekend though, reflecting back on those two days that fly by...had my little cousins over on saturday, non stop fun! (nuff said) and then on Sunday went to visit my cousin and his wife, they just had a baby and made feel all broody..damn.
Anyway I came across two things today (via email) that cheered up my monday and made me here it is.

First was an analysis on the link between men and the suffering women endure because of them lol some are a bit extreme but funny never the less
MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown
When we have REAL trouble, it's a

The second is a video : lol

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Memories, sweet memories!

First of all shout out to Tiffany (fellow blogger & party person!) for putting the link in her blog.

After having a peek around there I decided to revamp my page, and I must say it looks brill now!

Now onto business, I was trawling through the internet (again) and I stumbled across a childhood memory favourite thingy lol...anyway it was a snippet on youtube from Sesame Street (OK OK, I actually went looking for it..) The 'Cereal Girl' song, oh my days I was singing along and boogying along with it like it was yesterday! Ahhhh the fond memories of yester year...many a time was I caught faking a tummy ache so that I could stay home and watch Sesame Street lol oh man I wish was 7 again!

Anyway I have added it to my blog for all you Sesame Street fans (even you closet fans, and don't lie!)

Sesame Street is in the building!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Je suis malade!

It feels like I have been sick for 2 weeks straight, I don't even know how it feels to breathe out of my nose anymore! Jeeze bejeeze.

My week has been rather boring, although I did go out last night (so much for sick huh) and play pool with a friend. I am normally very very very good, but I don't know man, yesterday was absolutely abysmal, we played 5 and I only won 1 game...I still don't know how it happened, my only conclusion was that I have not been 100% health...I mean I potted black twice lol, that's just not me!
Yesterday was a good day though, the rest of the week has been terribly boring! I hope I'm better by the weekend though. Although one good thing from being sick is not getting on the beloved London Underground or the London transport bus system, I can't say I've missed it.

It seems that people don't know how to use headphones / earphones anymore, (well mostly silly school kids) the worst thing is to sit on a bus journey home, feeling tired and drained and some crazy kid comes on and starts playing some music on their flashy sony erisson walkman phone (I'm a big fan of the phone myself, love em, only used sony phones for the past 3 years) that the rest of the bus that doesn't want to hear, you can people are uncomfortable but don't particularly want to tell them to switch it the f*ck off in case something pops off lol, lucky for my I have my book and

Why am I complaining when I haven't used a train or bus for a week? Do I miss it? lol I don't even know where my oyster card is...oh well roll on tomorrow, I'll get an ear full of all that tomorrow!