Saturday, 15 November 2008

Memories, sweet memories!

First of all shout out to Tiffany (fellow blogger & party person!) for putting the link in her blog.

After having a peek around there I decided to revamp my page, and I must say it looks brill now!

Now onto business, I was trawling through the internet (again) and I stumbled across a childhood memory favourite thingy lol...anyway it was a snippet on youtube from Sesame Street (OK OK, I actually went looking for it..) The 'Cereal Girl' song, oh my days I was singing along and boogying along with it like it was yesterday! Ahhhh the fond memories of yester year...many a time was I caught faking a tummy ache so that I could stay home and watch Sesame Street lol oh man I wish was 7 again!

Anyway I have added it to my blog for all you Sesame Street fans (even you closet fans, and don't lie!)

Sesame Street is in the building!


Tiffany said...

Does it make you wonder if the writer's of television shows are sober? I would never think of something like that unless I was inebriated!!

Temple said...

Singing Muppets!!!! You are the coolest

catomatay! said...

lol they must be high all the time Tiffany, but hey it makes great TV!! (or at least I think so lol)

Thanks Temple, doesn't it just take you back?