Monday, 24 November 2008

Nothing much

Mondays Mondays Mondays, nothing more to say, they drag on and on and everyone seems to get on your nerves.
I had a good weekend though, reflecting back on those two days that fly by...had my little cousins over on saturday, non stop fun! (nuff said) and then on Sunday went to visit my cousin and his wife, they just had a baby and made feel all broody..damn.
Anyway I came across two things today (via email) that cheered up my monday and made me here it is.

First was an analysis on the link between men and the suffering women endure because of them lol some are a bit extreme but funny never the less
MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown
When we have REAL trouble, it's a

The second is a video : lol


Eb the Celeb said...

Tyra recently had this chick on her show.. I was like whoa... people are famous now from bussing their arse and putting it on