Thursday, 13 November 2008

Je suis malade!

It feels like I have been sick for 2 weeks straight, I don't even know how it feels to breathe out of my nose anymore! Jeeze bejeeze.

My week has been rather boring, although I did go out last night (so much for sick huh) and play pool with a friend. I am normally very very very good, but I don't know man, yesterday was absolutely abysmal, we played 5 and I only won 1 game...I still don't know how it happened, my only conclusion was that I have not been 100% health...I mean I potted black twice lol, that's just not me!
Yesterday was a good day though, the rest of the week has been terribly boring! I hope I'm better by the weekend though. Although one good thing from being sick is not getting on the beloved London Underground or the London transport bus system, I can't say I've missed it.

It seems that people don't know how to use headphones / earphones anymore, (well mostly silly school kids) the worst thing is to sit on a bus journey home, feeling tired and drained and some crazy kid comes on and starts playing some music on their flashy sony erisson walkman phone (I'm a big fan of the phone myself, love em, only used sony phones for the past 3 years) that the rest of the bus that doesn't want to hear, you can people are uncomfortable but don't particularly want to tell them to switch it the f*ck off in case something pops off lol, lucky for my I have my book and

Why am I complaining when I haven't used a train or bus for a week? Do I miss it? lol I don't even know where my oyster card is...oh well roll on tomorrow, I'll get an ear full of all that tomorrow!